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Me the People

Non-stop music and hilarity created by the people behind the 2006 hit BUSH WAR.S

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Me the People is a wake of sorts. At an Irish Wake there's the dead guy and everyone around him is telling jokes, singing and drinking whiskey. It's a joyous celebration that helps to endure the loss of a loved one. ME THE PEOPLE is our way to endure the tragedy of a Trump presidency - a musical that laughs and sings about the loss of the America we love.

"Nancy Holson isn't afraid of making enemies. Her writing is exceedingly clever and written from an informed level torn from the op-ed pages."

Broadway World

Ludwig Live!

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Ludwig van Beethoven has written operas, sonatas, and symphonies. What’s next for the immortal genius? Why, a swinging cabaret act, of course! Join Beethoven as he sings about his angry mistresses, his rivalry with arch nemesis Mozart, and his senile mentor Haydn. With his trusty stage manager Kathy by his side, Beethoven bemoans Beiber, sighs about Cyrus, and tells you the one thing wrong with One Direction. Roll over, Beethoven? Not tonight!

Ludwig Live! is written by multiple Emmy Award-winning writer Nancy Holson.

Nutcracker! The Musical

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Watch the Nutcracker! The Musical promo video

Destined to become a new holiday classic, Nutcracker! The Musical melds Tchaikovksy’s beloved melodies with the original untold tale of ETA Hoffman to create a contemporary musical comedy for the whole family

Dear Mom

A play which is inspired by real letters to mothers from their daughters.

Every woman has stories to tell about her mother. A woman's relationship with her mother models the way she connects to the world and is a fundamental force in the way she is formed. Whether the relationship is filled with gratitude, guilt, anger, longing, blame, forgiveness – so much between daughter and mother is left unsaid.

"The play, based on actual letter written by daughters to their mothers, has been several years in the making. During that time, the authors reached out to a wide network of women, asking them to submit letters. The women who responded were aged 18 to 88. According to the authors, their letters were "poignant, hostile, angry and wistful." All this is recorded in their book, Dear Mom, It's about Time I Told You, and reflected in this very moving and insightful play, .. Dear Mom is not for women only. It's for anyone who has ever had a mother, knows a mother, or is or will be a mother"

Paulanne Simmons, New York Theatre Wire

"I was deeply moved... It was terrific."

(Michael Cavacini, Philadelphai Arts and Culture Blog)

Parenting 101: A Musical Guide to Raising Parents

A hilarious, loving and screamingly funny look at the joyous and crazy ride of raising your kids all the way from videotaping their arrival to sending them out into the world. There’s a song for every milestone of Parenting from labor pains to sleep deprivation, potty training to puberty, first dates to college, and finally, marriage and kids of their own.

Joyous! For a parent, watching the frisky revue called 'Parenting, the Musical', is like looking in a mirror and bursting out laughing! IT will grab you where you're living (if you have kids at home) or where you've lived (if your nest is empty)."

(The Philadelphia Inquirer)

Makes you want to rush out and tell friends not to miss it!"

(The Philadelphia Bulletin)

So outrageous and bold... the audience was doubling over in laughter!"

(The Philadelphia City Paper)

Hilarious! Whether you are a parent, a grandparent, or just remember being a child, you're in for a joyful evening!"

Vermont Times)

Can I Really Date a Guy Who Wears a Yarmulke?

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Winner of MITF Producers Award

Chosen to open the TRU reading series for new plays in 2009. It was produced at the Midtown International Theater Festival in NYC in 2010, where it sold out all its performances and received the Producers Award. It ran subsequently at Brooklyn’s famed Knitting Factory.

Additional productions have been at the University of Maryland, in Toronto, greater Washington, DC and in Jerusalem, where the show was extended by popular demand. In each of its productions, it has garnered critical praise.

Hilarious, tightly-written, clever"

(DC Theatre Scene)

The script cannot be praised enough. It has enough running gags... to keep the audience feeling like it’s in on the joke, while still showing a world that not all audience members might be a part of. It never alienates its audience, but it also doesn’t sugarcoat anything."


Amy Holson-Schwartz skillfully captured all of the facets of a self-aware group of young Jews. Her award-winning script left the audience laughing and groaning as some things hit close to home and also quietly pensive as they recalled some of the more tragic events in jewish history."

(MD Theatre Guide)

It has the ease and grace of a Neil Simon comedy, but with a modern bite. The dialogue oozes dry wit."

(Brooklyn Sourpuss)

Bush Wars

Musical revenge for crimes against The Geneva Convention, The Courts, Evolution, Social Security, Personal Security, Religious Freedom, Personal Freedom, The Brain Dead and yes, Democracy itself! Guaranteed to soothe aching political souls.

Broad, roaring entertainment reminiscent of National Lampoon! An altogether charming 90-minute show with scenes that propel the evening to heights of helpless mania."

(New York Times)

Excellent! So smart and so surprising! Deserves to be compared to timelessly effective works like 'Oh What A Lovely War'."

(Variety) | Read the full review

Bold, brace and delightful. Passion and anger set "Bush Wars" apart from tame political comedies like 'Capitol Steps' and 'Bush Is Bad'

(AM New York)

The News in Revue

Winner of 5 Emmy awards

Originally produced Off Broadway in 1992 'News in Revue' has subsequently had runs in myriad venues across the country including 15 summers in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Other venues in which the show has resided for at least a season include the Hollywood Playhouse, the Coconut Grove Playhouse, the Hyatt Regency Sarasota in Florida, the Sonnenalp Resort in Vail, Colorado and eight years of weekend performances in Greenwich and Westport, CT. The show has played in locations as diverse as Chauatauqua Institution, The Kennedy Library, and Grand Central Station.

Packs the kind of wallop that causes ear-to-ear grins. All I can say is, it works."

(Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)

A talented cast performing bulls-eye satire"

(Miami Herald)

Leeps the audience in stitches (with) its exuberant and talented foursome of cut-ups"

(Curtain Up)


J-Fest is a community-based festival of Jewish arts and entertainment. By bringing the community together around issues of Jewish identity, history, and culture, the festival will foster thought and discussion.

It will take place in three to four different Jewish Community Centers in the northeast where the shows will be performed on a rotating basis over three weeks. Each Community Center will be in a different state so that the festival can take on the identity of the community in each location. Each production will culminate with a performance at The JCC in Manhattan on the Upper West Side, followed by an industry panel. (Not all JCC productions will be their closing J-Fest show.)

There will be eight productions, each with one performance in all three or four venues. Each venue will host one performance of each production.

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